One foot in one foot out? 

So  was  seated  and  reading  a  book  on  fasting  and this  specific  Scripture  poped  up  in  one  of  the  scriptural  situations …
Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul; – 1 Peter 2:11

having your conversation honest among the Gentiles: that, whereas they speak against you as evildoers, they may by your good works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation. – 1 Peter 2:12

This  got  me  thinking  in terms  of  are  you  a  mediocre  Christian? By  this  I  mean  yes  you  read  your  Bible  maybe  not  daily  or  only  on  Sundays  during  church  service . Do  you  only  remember to  pray  when you  have  food  in front  of  you  or  when  things  get  thick  at  home  or  in  your  life?

Do  you  decide  to  go to  church  only  to  please  your  parents  or  spouse  or  meet  that  cute  girl  in  church  or  guy  or  do  actually  have  a  hunger  for  God?

There’s  a  whole  list  of  “do  yous”  I  can  list but  you  yourself  know  what  your  Christian  walk  with  God  is  like.

Thing  is  as  Christians  we’re  expected  to  live  in  a  way  our  standards are  higher  than  those  the  world has  set  since  worldly  standards  are  not  that  high. Actually the  world’s  standards are  too  low  to  even  be  considered  standards in  the  first  place.

So  back  to  Scripture… Thing  is  your  neighbour  looks  at  how  you  live  your  life. Are  you  an  angel  by  day  and  a  devil  by  night  yet  profess  that  your  a  Christian?

It’s  high  time  for  Christians  to  choose  what where  you  lie. It’s  either  your  in  or  out. You  can’t  have  one  foot  in  and  another  out… Can’t go  on  serving  two  masters  at  the  same  time  cause  at  some  point  you  will  end  up  submitting  to  one  either  you  like  it  or  not  cause  there’s only  so  far  you  can  please  two  masters  equally.

So, it’s  high  time  to  either  step  up  and  walk  the  talk  or  choose  the  world. But  what  benefits  a  man  to  gain  the  whole  world  and  loose His  soul? 

Let’s stop  filling  churches  and  warming  benches  in  the  name  of  being  good  Christian s  since  we  go  to  church. The  relationship with  God  is  far  more  than  church  attendance  cause  in  Heaven  there  won’t  be  a  roll call  on  how  many  times  you  attended  the  sermons  every  Sunday  but  there  will  be  one  on  your  deeds  and  your  walk  in  Christ. 

Stop  with  the  lukewarm behaviour. Jesus  was  and  still  is  the  living embodiment of  a  perfect  Christian life… Let’s  emulate  Him  in  our  walk, our  speech  and  deeds. It’s  high  time  a  generation stood  for  purity  above  all.

Personally, I’d  rather  stand  with  God  and  be  thought as  weird  than  stand  with  the  world  and  be  damned  for  eternity.

 What’s your  choice?



Take a look at @hoe_adrian’s Tweet:

After watching the saddening videos put up by various people concerning the Sterling shooting it just depicts how my skin colour ha been deemed to be like a bulls eye just ready for any atcher to aim and shoot at.

Saddest part of all this is that black played a key role in the liberation of the great superpower.. America.

Yet now it’s like blacks are being hunted down and just being killed indiscriminately… hey wake up I’m not an animal

I may have a different colour 

I may have course hair

I may have brown eyes

I may have a big nose 

And all this features associated to black but at the end of the day so do you have distinguishing features that make you stand out.

We bleed the same colour 

We wear pant the same way 

We all shit and pee

We all walk on the same earth

We all get scorched by the same sun

We all get rained on by the same rain

So what makes you think your better than me cause I’m black 

Stop segregating me 

Im not begging I’m just stating

Im human

I have rights

Im an equal before God and the law

Dont push me to a limit that you’ll regret because theres only as much as a human can stand




Hey there…

i wish you all the best of luck new blogger:)


I don’t know how I’m meant to start this blog, should I tell you something quirky about me to break the ice?! (like all those ice breaker activities they used to make us do in Primary School), should I be as impersonal as possible to avoid any awkwardness that I may regret in the future?! haha. I dunno, the reason I started a blog in the first place is  to share my thoughts with whomever may be interested. It may be therapeutic to some degree knowing that there’s people going through similar situations or share the same thoughts as I do. Happy reading! I hope to become friends with all of those I don’t already know. God bless. 🙂

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first blog :)

so basically i just have a lot to put in words and i thought why not start a blog. so i don’t really know exactly what i’l be writing about but it will come to me in time.

any who hope you’l love whatever i write and don’t hold back on commenting and giving your thoughts on different topics.

may God give me the wisdom to write something that will not only change me but also change someone else’s life:)

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